We invite you to join the Redmond High School PTSA because we can do more together than individually. Becoming a member does not require any time commitment or volunteering. By simply joining, you show you support the RHS community. There is strength in numbers and a strong PTSA starts with a large membership base. If you would like a more active role in our activities, they are also many opportunities to do so.

The cost is 20 for a single adult membership, $12 with for each additional household member. Students are also encouraged to join so they can have a say in how the PTSA spends its efforts and resources. Community members, including former PTSA members whose students have moved on, are also welcome to join. All members have the right to vote on PTSA matters.  

You can join at www.redmondhsptsa.org. Paper forms are also available upon request.

Did You Know? Membership Subsidies are Available

If you would like to join, but cannot afford the cost of membership, please reach out to me at membership@redmondhsptsa.org (all information is kept strictly confidential). In the spirit of barriers and being inclusive, the PTSAS has set aside funds to cover the cost of membership for those who would like to join but are financially unable to do so.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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