Resources for Parents of Teens Experiencing Grief

As our RHS community grieves a huge loss, we have some resources to share that might help you support your child as they process their feelings.


  1. There is no perfect thing to say after a tragedy (3 mins)
  2. Traumatic events affect each child differently (1 min)
  3. Supporting Your Family After Tragedy (1 hr) Sheri Gazitt speaks with school and mental health expert Josh Webb for advice and guidance about how families can support their children and have healthy conversations that help them feel safe both physically and emotionally. (A short meditation from Wendy Moore starts the conversation off)
  4. Supporting with Grieving Teen (1 hr) with Jana DeCristofaro, LCSW from the Dougy Center, is informative and powerful. Jana has 17 years of experience working with teens and grief. She shares powerful ways to help parents support their teens when they experience grief from a death or other loss.

Other Resources

  1. Coping with Loss (1 page guide for parents, developed with Youth Eastside Services)
  2. Healthy Lifestyles - Mental health
  3. Helping school-age children with traumatic grief
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