Thank you to all our Redmond Mustang artists for submitting amazing works of art this year. It is always an extremely difficult process for our judges to make the decision on which pieces move forward and this year was especially difficult. Every artist should be very proud of their work, and we look forward to watching you all grow as amazing artists!

Congratulations to our artists whose work will move on to the Council level!

Rithvikhaa S. 9th grade Visual Arts “Script for the Future”
Nivedha N. 9th grade Visual Arts “Painting a Change”
Lora K. 11th grade Visual Arts “One Step Forward”
Dhreeti T. 9th grade Visual Arts “The Red Queen”
Claire R. 11th grade Literature “Miss Mable”
Shruti B. 10th grade Literature “This is How You Change a World”

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