Volunteers needed for the 2022-23 school year. All positions can be done from home. Please email volunteers@redmondhsptsa.org for more info or if you are interested in the position. thank you!

•    Newsletter editor – Help keep our families and community connected by sharing the activities news from the PTSA. Once a week, you would create and publish a newsletter by compiling articles submitted by PTSA, staff, and clubs. The work can be done from home- completely on-line, and the schedule has some flexibility since the newsletter can be written ahead at your convenience and sent as a scheduled time.
•    Webmaster – keep our website up to date with articles, event announcements, and registrations. We use a very simple program to manage the website content, no programming or html experience is necessary, and training is provided. Work is all on your own schedule and done remotely. No need to come to meetings or be at school!
•    Server administrator – this is the person who will do our Exchange, Teams, Sharepoint, etc management. It would be a great opportunity for a parent working in the tech field to help out in a meaningful way, from home and on their own schedule, and not have to come to any meetings or be at the school. It wouldn’t require much time, but would have a huge impact.

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